Cincinnati Auto Expo

Click here to see photos and video from the 2015 Cincinnati Auto Expo and save the date for next years’ show February 17-21, 2016!!



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Looking for a used car?  The best used cars come from new car dealers.  Check out used vehicle inventory from over 40 local dealers.

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Child Passenger Safety

Safe travel for children is important to everyone which is why we have partnered with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

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Industry News

Lotus shows 3-Eleven on the Nurburgring [Video]
The company suggests the 3-Eleven is capable of running in seven minutes flat, however the...
Honda Civic Type R Sedan Tests Flared Fenders, Giant Wing at...
The Honda Civic, unhinged.
Ford’s Police Interceptors continue to gain market share
The law-enforcement Explorer is still the bet-selling police vehicle in the US.
The 2% Solution: We Attend the 43rd Annual Van Nationals
“You all don’t look like vanners,” oozed the man wearing the patch-covered white lab...
Auto Bytes

Houston Art Car Parade

What do you get when you mix cars and creative artists? Art cars created by ‘cartists’! Uniquely decorated, street-legal, mobile works of art made their way around Houston, TX at the Houston Art Car Parade, which is the largest rolling display of its kind in the world. MSN Autos notes, “Since 1986, the event has […]

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Eighteen percent of teens who have been hit, or nearly hit, report crossing the street while texting.  While we understand the urgency that teens have to get out of class and chat with their friends, distracted walking is a huge N-O!  It’s important to remind children of essential safety tips so that they remain safe and unharmed.