– The best used cars come from new car dealers

Wondering why there is a Google Map here?  Watch this short instructional video to learn
how to use to locate your next used vehicle.

Used Car Shopping Tips

Make Sure Cars You’re Comparing are Comparable
Price isn’t the only factor you should look at when you go to buy a used car. If you’re looking at two cars that are the same make and model, and one’s $1000 cheaper than the other one, there’s probably a good reason. While these cars are the same make and model, they probably aren’t comparable. Look at the features included on the vehicles: maybe the more expensive one has a sunroof, or power windows. Another important factor is mileage. How many miles does the cheaper car have? This may be a make-or-break factor.
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Am I in the right place?

You’re probably asking yourself, “I’m looking for a car, why am I looking at a big Google map?” No worries, you are in the right place. is Cincinnati’s best way to find the perfect used car for you, featuring thousands of used vehicles located at local dealerships.


Why the map?

The Google map featured on our page emphasizes the importance of local search. Have you ever been driving, and driven past a car on a dealership lot that spots your eye? With the Google map feature on, it’s easy to locate where that car is, without even stopping at the dealership; maybe you don’t even know what dealership you saw it at. When you zoom the map in to your location, the inventory of available cars automatically changes to just what dealerships are in view on the map.

Dealerships are represented by red balloons on the map. If there are multiple dealerships in proximity to each other, the map will show one red balloon with a plus sign in the middle. This indicates a group of dealerships, or a “cluster.” Click on the cluster, and the map will zoom in to show only that area.


Want to look at just a certain area, but don’t want to deal with zooming in the map manually? Simply just hold the shift key, and drag your cursor over the area you want to look at. The map will automatically zoom in, and the inventory of available cars changes specifically to that area.

What other features does offer?

Know exactly what kind of car you want? On, you can simply type that type of car into the search bar. You can type key words as simple as “red truck,” or as complex as “2011 Silverado red.” You can also type in your price range; just type “< $15,000″, or whatever your price range may be. With any search you conduct, the inventory of available cars automatically changes to only what fits under your search.

Know what dealership you want to buy from? Simply go to the dealership drop bar in the top right hand corner of the page. You can select exactly what dealership you want to see cars from. You can also select a group of dealerships that are close to each other with the groups drop bar. This bar is located directly above the dealership drop bar.

When you hover your cursor over an item in the available inventory, a box appears on the map with a photo of the car, the make & model, the price, and its location. Click on the box, and the car’s page made by the dealership its at pops up in a separate window. From there, the dealer takes over. The page will have more information, and many even have a way you can live chat with an expert on that car. is the one-stop place for used cars in the Greater Cincinnati area. It makes it easy for you to compare cars, and look at many different dealerships… without leaving your house!! You’re already here, so get shopping!

The best place to buy used cars is from new car dealers!