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Electric Vehicles – better than you thought

There are several misconceptions out there about electric vehicles.  However, the truth is that electric vehicles, or EVs, have a lot of benefits not only for the environment, but for owners as well.  Briefly listed below are a few common misconceptions along with realities about electric vehicles:

      1.  Electric vehicles put out just as much pollution as traditional fuel powered vehicles.

–          Truth is carbon dioxide pollution from electricity is significantly lower for EVs than CO2 pollution from the oil of conventional cars with internal combustion engines (“Electric Vehicles: Myths Vs. Reality”).  Basically, with EVs CO2/ pollutant emissions shift to the location where the electricity is generated, but NO tailpipe pollution or greenhouse gas emissions are produced at the point of operation.

      2.  Electric vehicles are a lot more expensive than traditional vehicles.

–          Truth is, due to federal tax credits for the purchase of an EV, as well as a partial federal credit for the charging unit, several states having additional tax credits on top of the federal ones, savings of $700 to $1600 on fuel per year, and an average of 46% saving in annual maintenance costs, the pricing of an EV is very comparable with traditional vehicles (“Electric Vehicles: Myths Vs. Reality”).

      3.  The battery will run out of juice.

–          Truth is US drivers on average drive about 35 miles per day, which is sufficient for fully charged pure EVs, which typically go AT LEAST 70 miles in one charge (“Electric Vehicles: Myths Vs. Reality”).

There are quite a few more misconceptions, or myths about electric vehicles worth reading up on as well.  Take a look at our source to see more myths and realities regarding EVs by clicking here.  



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