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Electric Vehicles – better than you thought

There are several misconceptions out there about electric vehicles.  However, the truth is that electric vehicles, or EVs, have a lot of benefits not only for the environment, but for owners as well.  Briefly listed below are a few common misconceptions along with realities about electric vehicles:       1.  Electric vehicles put out […]

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Cars need spring cleaning too

Winter is most likely the harshest season for cars.  With all of the salt on the roads, ice, potholes, and brutal temperature swings, it’s no wonder that people may feel overwhelmed by the end of the winter when trying to clean up the mess that has been made, both inside and outside of their vehicle.  Now […]

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Gas prices on the rise

I’m sure that you all have noticed the recent increase in gas prices.  Pulling up to the pump and ending up surprised is almost becoming normal.  According to Senior Petroleum Analyst, Patrick Dehaan with, it’s not over yet.  These increases have been occurring since late February and Dehaan believes that we will continue to […]

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Keeping your cool

It seems like just yesterday that we reached the year 2014; yet we’re already into the month of March! The cold weather seems to be passing, and we’re drawing closer and closer to spring and warmer temperatures. However, before you so eagerly march into the warmer weather, it’s important to remember one specific car care tip […]

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