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Remember the Yugo?

Does anyone else remember the Yugo?  If so, you’re not alone!  Phil Dust, a 42 year old science teacher from Ipstones, England, is on a mission to redeem the notorious car.  Yugos became popular back in the 1980s; it was the cheapest car around, and they were seen as throwaways.  It was 1992, when the war broke out in the Balkans, that Yugo cars started to disappear in America and the U.K.  Dust’s interest in Yugos began when he was looking on eBay for a car for his son; he bought a Yugo, and now has four of them!  Dust started the Zastava and Yugo Owners Club in 2010, and they’ve found that there are only 25 road-going Yugos left in the U.K.  His latest addition was a yellow 1984 Yugo 311 that had been sitting in a woman’s garage for 28 years.  “I bought it for £150, gave it a clean, a service, and replaced the brakes.”  Their club motto is: Somebody has to look after these cars, or they will disappear forever.



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