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Self-driving cars will change retirement

Normally, when we see advances in technology, it’s the young adults who are first to embrace the change.  However, for the revolutionary transportation – self driving cars, it’s the 50+ crowd that is expected to become early adopters for this innovation.  In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Former Google Car Team-Consultant, Brad Templeton explains, “…I don’t think anyone wants to be shut-in.  The boomers all moved to the suburbs, and the suburbs don’t have good transit.  When boomers get to be seniors, they will find themselves without as much driving ability and without the ability to use transit to get places.  Sometimes the only alternative will be to move out of your house.  If [a self-driving car] lets you keep your house rather than having to move, I think you’ll see people who aren’t necessarily early adopters go for it.”  Templeton says they’re calling the self-driving vehicle Robocar, because when you say it, people know what it is. 

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