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Nearly 100, and still on the road

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Scott Robertson, a 65 year old electrician, born and raised in Harris, Iowa has possession of a vehicle that is nearly 100 years old, and is still on the road in Iowa.  Years and years ago, Robertson’s grandfather saw a picture of a 1920 Willys-Overland Model 4 Sedan.  He ordered it for about $900, and it was delivered in pieces from the factory in Toledo, Ohio.  The local garage assembled it.  Robertson says that at the time, Willys-Overland was a thriving company.  Today, they’re best known for creating the military Jeep.

The car has never left the Robertson family, or even Harris, except to go on a drive to neighboring town.  “When I drive the car between two cornfields, I think, man this must have looked exactly the same when my grandfather drove this car down the same road almost 100 years ago…” Robertson said.  “My son lives in Las Vegas.  I would hate to see the car leave the Robertson family, but in a way, it also belongs to the town of Harris.”

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