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Looking for your second vehicle?

It’s getting close to that time of the year again; the temperatures are dropping, weather is a little unpredictable, and we all just want to make it through.  Those who remember having car problems last winter probably want one thing for the holidays, another vehicle.  Having a second vehicle can be very beneficial, and the […]

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Nearly 100, and still on the road

Scott Robertson, a 65 year old electrician, born and raised in Harris, Iowa has possession of a vehicle that is nearly 100 years old, and is still on the road in Iowa.  Years and years ago, Robertson’s grandfather saw a picture of a 1920 Willys-Overland Model 4 Sedan.  He ordered it for about $900, and […]

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Bliss from the Depression-Era

For those who were around in the 1930’s, it was a time of instability.  The Depression, which took place from 1929-39, left the economy in a rough state.  Though many things at the time weren’t dependable, one thing came to be!  The Chrysler Imperial Airflow, appearing in 1934, was an extremely revolutionary vehicle at the […]

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The 2nd Annual Cincinnati Auto Expo 2015 Forum Car Contest!

If you own an amazing car or truck that deserves the limelight, this is your chance to show it off! The Greater Cincinnati Automobile Dealers Association (GCADA) is kicking off the second annual Cincinnati Auto Expo Forum Car Contest.  So, get ready to SHOW US WHAT YOU’RE ROLLIN’ WITH!!  At least three lucky winners will […]

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A little Italy in the backyard

Kristy Duncan Johnson, a senior product manager at Adobe, of Los Gatos, California is one car lover with the luxury of having a little Italy in her backyard.  Ever since her grandparents took her to see the Harrah car collection as a kid, she’s been in love with automobiles.  Today, she and her husband, Grady, […]

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2015 Cincinnati Auto Expo Forum Car Contest

Do you own an awesome car or truck? Have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to show it off? Well, this is your chance!  The Greater Cincinnati Automobile Dealers Association (GCADA) is getting ready to kick off the second annual Cincinnati Auto Expo Forum Car Contest, where several lucky winners will have their vehicles […]

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