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A Speed Lover’s Station Wagon

For most people, becoming a parent means sacrificing a good deal of the things we love.  However, one Michigan based dad figured out how to have his cake, and eat it too!  A.J. Baime of The WSJ tells the story of Scott Bonato, a 32 year old from Franklin, Michigan, with a need for speed, […]

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2015 Golf Outing

Thank you to all of our dealer members, associate members, and friends of the GCADA for taking part in the 2015 Golf Outing at TPC River’s Bend in Maineville!  It was a huge success, and most importantly everyone seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the entire event, despite the minor break due the weather.  Congratulations to […]

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25 Cars Worth Waiting For: 2016-2019

They say, “If it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for”; and when you’re about talking cool automobiles, it’s always worth the wait!  MSN has made a list of 25 cars worth waiting for until 2016-2019, and trust us, they’re definitely quite the lookers!  Featuring immaculate rides like the 2017 Ford GT which they’re saying is […]

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Get better gas mileage starting now

Though gas prices aren’t considerably high right now, the prices seem to change enough weekly that you’ll notice a difference.  While it’s great to be able to fill up for only about 35-45 bucks, it’s even better to still be able to conserve as much gas as you can for as long as possible.  MSN’s […]

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