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Best Concept Cars of 2015

Concept cars are the wow factors that give Auto Show goers the anticipated rush they crave. “Often conceived without safety systems, emission controls or other mass-production requirements, concept cars allow designers to color outside the lines and engineers to stretch their minds, fueling our fantasies about what cars could be.” The problem is that with […]

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States where you’re most likely to hit a deer

There are many scary contingencies concerning driving that we notice long before we obtain our own driver’s license.  One that can’t go unnoticed, and especially not if you live in the Midwest, is the unfortunate event of hitting a deer.  According to a fall 2014 report by State Farm Insurance, the likelihood of colliding with […]

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The Sinister Sienna

It was back in June when Toyota first showed us what car lovers are deeming, the world’s baddest minivan. This ever-better Expedition Sienna Concept could be every family man’s dream. According to MSN Autos, this sinister Sienna sits atop the frame of a Toyota Tacoma Pickup. What used to be sliding doors, have been replaced […]

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