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Dealership Employment Reaching New Level

The National Automobile Dealers Association’s midyear report details continuous rise of employment and payroll at U.S. new-car dealerships in the first six months of 2017.

Improving from a record 1,131,900 in 2016, new-car dealerships employed 1,134,200 workers through the second quarter of 2017.

NADA Data 2017: Midyear Report provides a biannual financial portrait of new-car dealerships, including data regarding employment, payroll and more.

“We expect to see employment at new-car dealerships reach an all-time high at the end of 2017,” said Patrick Manzi, NADA senior economist. “In addition to the direct employment provided by dealerships, more than another million other jobs in local communities are dependent on dealerships.”

The average allowance for employees at new-car dealerships was $69,784 per year in 2016. With increased employment, the payroll at new-car dealerships have reached approximately $33 billion, resulting in an 11 percent increase from 2016.