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April is National Donate Life Month- Make Sure You’re Registered!

In their first four home games, the Cincinnati Reds drew over 100,000 attendees to Great American Ball Park. Those are great crowds, but still not as many people as the number of patients on the national transplant waiting list! Over 115,000 men, women and children await lifesaving organ transplants.

April is National Donate Life Month and we are doing our part to encourage everyone in the Greater Cincinnati area to become an organ donor.

Becoming an organ donor is simple—registering will take you less than a minute! You can register your decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor at RegisterMe.org or in the Medical ID tab of the iPhone Health App. Along with the online options, you can visit your local BMW and check a box saying “yes” I’d like to become an organ donor.

If you’re not medically available to become an organ donor, there are other ways to support this effort. Every National Donate Life Month there is a “Blue and Green Day” which will be held on Friday, April 13. On this day, our downtown BMW employees will be wearing Blue and Green and you should join in helping us show our support and raise awareness about registering to be an organ donor. Even if you’re not able to become an organ donor, you can still support the courageous men and women who are fighting for their lives on the waiting list.

Last month 58.7% of Ohioans said “yes” to organ, eye and tissue donation. Let’s make that percentage even bigger this month!

22 people die every day waiting for a transplant because the need outweighs the availability. Sign up to be a donor today—one person’s donation can save or heal up to 75 lives!