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Creating a COVID-19 protocol capable of evolving with changing situations

By Jackie Reau and Betsy Ross, Game Day

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, it’s important for business leaders to create a plan and continuously monitor the situation (literally, minute by minute).

Overall, we recommend the following protocol for businesses: Be aware of the evolving situation with COVID-19 as it relates to your state, review/update your current policies for employees, stakeholders and customers, and creatively plan new opportunities to minimize business loss.

Below is a working template for a response plan to effectively communicate to stakeholders during this time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.

News Gathering:

  • Monitor the daily news coverage disseminating from the Governor of your state as he/she has the power to create mandates and disseminate funding for support and health care access
  • Connect with your industry association to determine industry best practices for your organization and business, i.e. Ohio Restaurant Association
  • Create Google alerts on specialty topics, i.e. “COVID-19 and Restaurants” so you receive up-to-date alerts on the situation as it is quickly evolving

Review Sickness Policy with Your Colleagues:

  • If you feel ill or have a cough, stay home and do not come to the office or a public event
  • Issue guidelines for telecommuting where possible for employees
  • Update and determine your catastrophic health care insurance and quarantine protocol (time off, financial obligations) for those employees who contract COVID-19

Review Cleaning and Training Protocols:

  • Review your current protocol for regular cleaning per the CDC guidelines and how to enhance it through increased hand sanitizing stations, hand-washing stations
  • Train and review with all staff, have staff sign a form acknowledging their understanding of the new protocols

Communicate with Transparency to Your Stakeholders:

  • As you develop your plans, think about how to communicate to your stakeholders based on their concerns, commerce (travel, event tickets, reservations) in a transparent manner via website, social media and general media relations
  • Provide a virtual gathering solutions via video/podcasts for your business events and educational programs to continue stakeholder engagement

Future Business Planning:

  • Review your business plans, events, and travel over the next 30 days to determine how to reschedule at a later date and not cancel the business revenue
  • Hold virtual gathering solutions on the same date/time via video platform solutions
  • We do not encourage cancelling events and business endeavors but take a long-range view of how to maintain future business

Most importantly, WASH YOUR HANDS.

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