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Toyota to suspend Russian car production, vehicle imports

Toyota joins other Japanese automakers that have taken or flagged similar moves, also citing difficulty in procuring parts and other logistical hurdles.

Here’s how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is impacting the auto industry

The crisis in Ukraine has caused disruptions at some auto assembly plants and prompted companies to suspend shipments to Russia.

Terry Dittes, head of UAW’s GM department, to retire this summer

Dittes, who led the UAW’s bargaining with General Motors during a 40-day strike in 2019, plans to retire this summer.

European car plants hurt by supply problems linked to war.

Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche said they would be forced to curtail production at factories. Ukraine produces crucial electronic components.

Hyundai Motor Co. plans to invest $16B and sell 1.87 million EVs by 2030

Achieving the new goal will give the automaker about 7 percent of the global EV market, Hyundai said.

Biden’s EV plans, clean-energy agenda among challenges addressed in State of the Union

The State of the Union address comes as President Joe Biden faces a pivotal moment of his presidency amid major headwinds, from Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine to soaring inflation and lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BMW’s European production takes big hit from Ukraine crisis supply disruption

The stoppages mean that almost the entire European production of the automaker is being impacted by the Ukraine crisis.

Ford separating EV business from ICE vehicles in bid to boost profits

The EV unit will be called Ford Model e, while Ford Blue will handle internal combustion engine vehicles in a reorganization aimed at increasing profit margins and ensuring that both powertrains succeed.

How Ford won ‘sexy’ back from Musk in tussle over Model e trademark

When Tesla attempted to register the E trademark for a model, Ford stepped in to block it.

Honda suspends vehicle sales to Russia

The Japanese carmaker said it made the decision due to challenges around distribution and finances.