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You Can be a Hero

The Cincinnati Enquirer recently came out with an article about a member of their reporter team they just lost to Cardiac Arrest.  The article goes into detail about how he collapsed in the newsroom, and how the Enquirer team handled the situation.  The fallen reporter’s colleagues immediately dialed 911, and began CPR as per the operator’s instructions.  The Fire Department took over when they arrived.  

The article expresses that while these reporters were not trained in CPR, they did the right thing, because according to University of Cincinnati associate professor Jason McMullan, any CPR is better than none.  

We at the GCADA and the NADA Charitable foundation can provide CPR training manikins to hospitals, police, fire departments, schools, and red crosses.  It is important that as a community and nation we know how to react in traumatic situations, such as a colleague suffering from Cardiac Arrest. Across the country, dealers in conjunction with the NADA charitable foundation have provided an estimated 4,600 manikins worth approximately $3 million, training over 2 million people, potentially saving thousands of lives. So far this summer, the Miami Township Fire Department will receive manikins sponsored by Mike Castrucci Ford, and the Warren County Educational Service Center will receive manikins sponsored by Bob Pulte Chevrolet.  We hope to deliver even more.

Any non-profit organization that provides CPR training, and is in need of one of these training manikins may contact their local new car retailer, or Sandy Moeller at the GCADA office at or 513-326-7100.

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