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Associate Membership

Associate Membership Program


The dealer members of the GCADA are committed to QUALITY, INTEGRITY, and CONFIDENCE in all dealings with the car-purchasing public. Associate membership is extended to a business that provides allied services to the automotive industry. Most importantly, the business must be moral and ethical in its business policies and practices

After the application and fee are submitted, the approval process is initiated:

  1. In addition to the information provided on the application, the company is “checked out” to verify that it meets the moral and ethical standards required by the GCADA.
  2. The application is then presented along with information about the company, to the Board of Trustees.  The Board approves or declines the application.
  3. If the application is approved by the Board, the business becomes entitled to the benefits and services described as follows:

The benefits / services of Associate membership are as follows:

  • Permitted to state they are an Associate Member in good standing of the GCADA.  This may use in advertising and related business correspondence.
  • Associates’ will receive e-mail blasts for information of general concern as deemed appropriate by the Executive Vice President of the GCADA.
  • The Associate member will be afforded specific invitations to the general social gatherings, AUTO EXPO reception, annual Golf Outing and other gatherings where the Associate member might gain a business advantage.  The Associate Member business may also be asked to assist the GCADA in sharing cost of events or other contributions that might enhance their image to the general dealership members.
  • The Associate member will be given the opportunity to display a business message at gatherings sponsored by GCADA as well as on the GCADA website.  Subject to approval of the Executive Vice President of the GCADA.
  • The Associate member will be provided with a Dealer/Member roster of the GCADA.
  • The Associate member will be given access as a customer of the Auto Dealers Co-Op program at the same discounted prices as Dealer Members.
  • The Associate Member will be permitted to reserve, the classroom or boardroom at the Centre Park Drive office for business purposes as approved by the Executive Vice President.
  • The Associate Member will be given access to the GCADA Executive Vice President for purposes of general information about the dealer body and industry issues.


DUES:  $500 / year