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Dealerships in the Community

            People go to their local car dealerships to purchase cars and have service.  But there’s so much more to a dealership than just those basic elements.  Many dealerships are involved in a lot of community events and fundraisers; this could be sponsoring, donating, and many times even participating in them.

             The Delhi Skirt Game is proclaimed “The Most Unique Fundraiser in the US.”  Men from all over the Cincinnati Westside gather in Delhi Township Park, dress in drag, and play a game of softball to raise money for people less fortunate in the Delhi community.  It’s held annually on the first Friday of August, and this year will be Delhi’s 36th game.  Walt Sweeney Ford in Western Hills has been a major sponsor of the game for three years now, and is also a participant.  Their Fleet Manager Bob Luchsinger, or as he’s known in the community, Uncle Bob, has played in the game every year that they’ve been a sponsor, and is also on the Skirt Game Committee.

            According to Luchsinger, the Skirt Game is a “Threefold deal,” that includes a golf outing, the actual game and tailgate the night before, and an event that they call “Kids, Cops, & Firefighters.”   At this year’s Kids Cops & Firefighters, Luchsinger and the rest of the Skirt Game committee, each partnered with a police officer or a firefighter took less fortunate children to a local Target store and bought them Christmas Presents.

            Luchsinger said one of the things that he likes about the Skirt Game is that while the game is only one night of the year, the fundraiser helps people year-round.  “We meet once a month,” Luchsinger said.  “People have to write to us, and then we vote on who we want to help then we go out and interview them… we don’t know from one month to another who we’re helping.  Years ago it started as one family and a lump sum, but [now] we do it all year-round… and once a year we bring them all together and present what we’re doing for them.”           

            While this is one of the bigger community events Luchsinger and the Walt Sweeney team are involved in, it is not the only one.  Luchsinger said that he is involved with around six to eight other events and fundraisers each year.  Some of these include the Fallen Firefighters Golf Outing, the Elder High School Punt, Pass & Kick fundraiser, and the Green Township Fire Department Golf Outing.  For all of his work that he’s done for them, the Green Township Fire Department made him an honorary member of the Local 2927 Union, and is responsible for Luchsinger’s nickname that’s now known community-wide.            

            For all the events and fundraisers Walt Sweeney Ford does, Luchsinger is the one who usually goes to them and participates.  He finds his role as this person very rewarding.  “The hard work [that I do in these events] is nothing compared to what these people have gone through,” he said.  “There are people sometimes where I think we’re their last hope, and we’re able to do things for them.”

            Luchsinger loves the work he does for the community, and finds it to be a great way to give back.  “[They] are who are making us successful,” he said.  “You’ve gotta give back to them because the community is what makes us.”

            Like anything, Luchsinger & Walt Sweeney Ford can’t help with every single fundraiser, but they do as much as they can with the time and funds that they have.  But dealerships do so much more than sell cars, and service them.  So next time you’re at a local fundraising event, take a look at the sponsors.  There’s a good chance that you’ll see one of your local car dealerships on that list.