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Is it the weather?

There’s no doubt that this winter has been a crazy one, full of winter storms which seem to just keep coming.  As the month of February comes to an end, you can’t help but hope for better weather to come, but to also reflect on the stormy weather we’ve left behind.  Between icy roads, and all of the cars found on the sides of roads, (assuming you haven’t had the “pleasure” of having to leave your car stuck somewhere in snow), you may find it amazing that you and your vehicle have made it thus far with no problems.  However, many people weren’t so lucky.  So, could it be the phenomenon of tragic weather that drove up car sales in the month of February?  Was it the weather?  Or were people just feeling good enough after Valentine’s day that they decided a new car was what they needed?  Whichever you may think, “the forecast for February auto sales suggests dealers recovered enough in the home stretch to post gains over the previous year’s stats. According to a report by J.D. Power & Associates and LMC Automotive, improved weather and the President’s Day holiday brought auto consumers back into the fold to make February 2014 the industry’s best ever in one respect.”  Click here for more information.