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Cars need spring cleaning too

Winter is most likely the harshest season for cars.  With all of the salt on the roads, ice, potholes, and brutal temperature swings, it’s no wonder that people may feel overwhelmed by the end of the winter when trying to clean up the mess that has been made, both inside and outside of their vehicle. 

Now that it’s officially spring, we’re sure that you’re ready to have your vehicle looking great and ready to cruise.  After the disastrous winter that we had, we have some cleaning tips that your vehicle could benefit from.  Though “spring cleaning” is normally associated with a home, most vehicles could probably use a good spring cleaning too.  Below is a list of tasks for spring cleaning for your vehicle:

–          Clear Out The Trash

–          Vacuum the Inside

–          Scrub Carpet and Upholstery

–          Power-Wash the Floor Mats

–          Swap Your Tires

–          Ditch Winter Windshield Wipers

–          Lube the Hinges

–          Clean the Windows

–          Wash the Car

–          Replace the Cabin Air Filter

–          Don’t Forget the Trunk

Following these steps will be a sure way to getting your vehicle clean inside and out.  After all, who wouldn’t want their vehicle to be as clean as their home; especially those who practically live in their car? For more detail and extra tips on these cleaning steps, click here.  And just remember, having a clean car will make you an even happier driver.