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Distracted driving- do we need a stronger message?

You can never stress the importance of safe driving enough.  According to a 2014 article on Autonews.com, author Ursula Zerilli states that, “Distracted driving caused 3,328 fatal crashes and 421,000 injury crashes in the United States in 2012, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The government definition of distracted driving includes activities such as eating, talking or adjusting the radio, but a total of 415 people died in crashes that cited use of cellphones as distractions in 2012. Data for 2013 aren’t yet available” (Zerilli).

As a result of the soaring number of tragedies being caused by distracted drivers, a commercial hoping to promote safe driving will be airing this month; courtesy of The U.S. Department of Transportation’s advertising campaign to combat distracted driving.  The commercial shows a semitrailer smashing into the side of a car carrying three young adults, most likely teens.  The accident is a result of distracted driving.  U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said, “This campaign puts distracted driving on par with our efforts to fight drunk driving or to encourage seat belt use” (Zerilli).  Police departments in certain states are really helping to crack down as well, giving out more and more tickets to people driving and using their cell phone.  Take a look here for more information.



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