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Now that’s love – auto style

Having a passion for something can be an amazing thing; and this spring the passion that a, now deceased, Ohio man had for his 1936 Ford car collection will be unmasked for all to see.  Emery Ward Jr., of Sandusky, Ohio, had a passion for collecting and working on his cars, but not just any car.  He really loved 1936 Fords.  According to his son, Emery Ward III, a 1936 Ford was the first car his dad ever drove, so that’s what he collected.  As it turns out, he restored each one of the vehicles himself.  Emery Ward Jr. passed away in 2007, having acquired about two dozen 1936 Fords of every shape and stripe, and they remained locked away in a barn in Sandusky, Ohio, near the shores of Lake Erie. Until now, that is.  This year, on May 16 and May 17, Wards 1936 Ford collection will be auctioned off at the Erie County Fairgrounds in Sandusky (Vellequette, 2014).  Click here for more.



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