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Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

The month of May is the beginning of countless great things.  Yesterday, May 1st, marked the start of the 8th anniversary of Global Youth Traffic Safety Month.  Each May youth across the country unite during Global Youth Traffic Safety Month to focus on the leading cause of death for them and their peers: traffic related crashes.  This month empowers youth to develop and lead traffic safety education projects, and to support law enforcement and affect legislation to protect teen drivers (NOYS).  The CEO of the National Organizations of Youth Safety, NOYS, Anita Boles says that they’re fighting back against this epidemic by getting teens involved in the solution (“National Organizations”).  Using other young adults to educate their peers about this topic is good idea; given that, peers’ influence on students’ educational outcomes is among the most powerful social forces affecting youth behavior (Alvarado).  The NOYS coalition is very focused on the safety and health of the youth, and their efforts to promote Global Youth Traffic Safety Month 2014 haven’t gone unnoticed.  Click here for more.




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