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Cadillac collection saved from the junkyard

Allen Murray of Reno, Nevada has a great collection of Cadillacs saved from the junkyard. As A.J. Baime of The Wall Street Journal tells the story, Murray purchased his first Cadillac 15 years ago from a junkyard. It’s when he was on the internet looking for parts, that he met Robert Pelter. Pelter, an LA resident, collected old Cadillacs. He sold Murray some parts, and over the next 15 years, they became friends. Reminded of Dr. Emmett Brown from “Back to the Future”, Pelter had a mission to save as many Cadillacs from the junkyard as possible. “He had 25, many parked in rented spaces around LA. Most didn’t run,” tells Baime. “He considered them his children, and he also had garages packed to the ceiling with parts.”

In 2012 when Pelter passed away, Murray wondered what would happen to his collection. He was able to acquire it all from a family member for a reasonable price. In the end, only one of the Cadillacs was running – a 1953 Series 62 coupe. Murray says it’s now his daily ride! “I’m trying to preserve as many of these cars as I can because that was Robert’s goal.”

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