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Woman saves toddler hit by car using CPR

It was just last week in Colerain, OH, that a wrong turn placed a woman in the right place at the right time.  A toddler who was hit by a car and assumed to be dead by witnesses, was able to be revived by CPR certified trainer, Angelika Nunn, who typically took a different route home.  Stopped in traffic caused by an accident, a man approached Nunn’s vehicle to say that a boy had been hit and killed by a car.  Nunn, being a CPR certified trainer, immediately grabbed her things and rushed to the boy through dozens of witnesses to see if there was anything that she could do to help.


“He didn’t have a pulse, a heartbeat, no signs of life so I instantly just started doing the CPR and I just kept doing it,” said Nunn.  “As I’m pumping him, I’m saying hey little guy.  Mommy is here.  I’m trying to jog him to breathe and to keep breathing because I was scared to death.”  Jim Love of the Colerain Police Department made a statement saying, “doing what is necessary and doing what should be done when the opportunity presents itself is very heroic.”  Though Nunn won’t classify herself as a hero, many Colerain police officers will.


To brighten matters, Nunn is offering a free CPR training course to the mother of the toddler, and witnesses there that day who did not have the training to help.  In light of National CPR/AED Awareness Week beginning June 1st and going through the 7th of the month, the GCADA promotes CPR/AED training and encourages everyone to learn!  CPR is easy to learn and saves lives; get certified!