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Car seats get recalled – is your child’s seat registered?

As we near the final stretch of our SAFE TRAVEL FOR KIDS!! ™ Campaign, we want to remind you about the importance of car seat registration.  Although child restraint systems are rigorously tested, just like other things they can be recalled!  In the event of a recall, it’s important to have registered your child’s safety seat with its manufacturer, so that they are able to contact you directly.

Only 42.5% of recalled child safety seats are taken care of.  This means, more than half of children riding in recalled safety seats, are continuing to do so!  No one would intentionally endanger a child by allowing them to ride in an unsafe car or booster seat, however failing to register the seat with its manufacturer could be the cause of unintentionally doing so.  Car seat registration is highly important; not something one should put off.  Head on over to our Child Passenger Safety information page for more instructions on car seat registration.

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