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States where you’re most likely to hit a deer

There are many scary contingencies concerning driving that we notice long before we obtain our own driver’s license.  One that can’t go unnoticed, and especially not if you live in the Midwest, is the unfortunate event of hitting a deer.  According to a fall 2014 report by State Farm Insurance, the likelihood of colliding with a deer in the U.S. is about 1 in 169, but of course this likelihood varies across the nation.  So where exactly in the U.S. are you the most likely to collide with one of these furry friends gazing in your headlights?

We’ve got the list of the 20 states where you’re the most likely to hit a deer.  As you might’ve already guessed, Ohio certainly made the cut.  Also reported is information on how car insurance rates are affected by an accident.  By using the number of collisions with deer by state and the amount of licensed drivers in each state, State Farm has even calculated the crash likelihood ratios as well.  They’ve even included some great tips on ways to avoid collisions with deer, as well as what to do following a collision.  Take a look at the report!