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The minivan makes a comeback!

The minivan has made its mark in history as being the vehicle of choice for millions of American parents.  Even though over the past few years, buyers have flocked to sport-utility vehicles and crossovers, by adding snazzier accessories, sleeker designs, and more roomy interiors, one particular minivan is making a huge comeback!  Recently, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, which created the modern minivan three decades ago, unveiled an all new model called the Pacifica.

Fiat Chrysler spent $2 billion to prepare its Windsor, Canada, factory to build the new model.  They also unveiled a plug-in hybrid version that will go into production later this year.  With the new Pacifica, Chrysler is attempting to shake the reputation for stodginess that has long dogged the boxy minivan.  “This may be the first minivan you buy where your children let you pick them up in front of the movie theater”, said Tim Kuniskis, Fiat Chrysler’s head of passenger car brands in North America.

Some of the features of the 2017 Pacifica include:

  • Foot-operated, power sliding doors and tailgate
  • Two 10-inch touch-screen displays for passengers
  • Second-row seats tilt forward for access to third-row seats in this hybrid

pacifica1 pacifica2

If this cool new minivan seems like it could be perfect for your family, come see it in person at the 2016 Cincinnati Auto Expo, February 17-21!  It’s a can’t miss event packed with tons of fun for the entire family!


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