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Reggie Bush’s 2013 Ford F-250 King Ranch

2005 Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush, went on to become the second overall NFL draft pick in 2006, giving himself a lot to live up to.  After ending up with the New Orleans Saints, and being part of the 2010 run that won them a Super Bowl, he certainly became known as a force to be reckoned with on the football field.  However, for Auto lovers, it’s Reggie’s 2013 Ford F-250 King Ranch that’s making this NFL star a force to be reckoned with off the field.

As a member of the Miami Dolphins in 2012, Reggie did a promotional ad for Wayne Akers Ford in Lake Worth, Florida.  In return for the advertisement, the company presented him with a pristine, brand-new 2013 Ford F-250 King Ranch.  But it was Reggie’s flair for individuality that wouldn’t allow him to take the truck without spicing it up a bit.  He utilized DV8 Motorsports, a reputable company the dealership used regularly to do so.  After it was all said and done, Reggie was quoted saying, “I look forward to hitting the streets in this beast.”

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