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But Where Does the Buyer’s Guide Go?

By Adam Todd

Following the FTC’s amendments to the Used Car rule in November 2016, an abundance of questions have plagued automobile dealers concerning compliance with the rule. One of the most common questions has been how to properly display the Buyer’s Guide containing details such as the vehicle information and available warranties. The guide must be affixed to the vehicle in a manner that makes both sides of the guide readily readable. Here are a few tips to help with this tricky question. Consider:

  • Placing the guide in a plastic sleeve on the outside of the vehicle.
  • Hanging the guide from the rear view mirror.
  • Displaying the guide anywhere else on the vehicle that ensures consumers know there is writing on both sides of the guide.

Consumer regulations such as the Used Car rule can be both vague and tricky, with penalties for non-compliance that may include substantial fines. Dealers interested in maintaining compliance with the Used Car rule and other regulations promulgated by federal and state agencies should contact experienced legal counsel to help them achieve their compliance goals.

Mac Murray & Shuster LLP focuses on helping businesses comply with a broad range of regulatory demands including compliance with the TCPA and state consumer protection regulations. To learn more, visit www.mslawgroup.com or contact the author: atodd@mslawgroup.com.