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Even In Cool Weather, Your Car Gets Hot!

On a mild 60-degree day, the temperature inside of a vehicle can rise 19 degrees in a matter of just 10 minutes. The temperatures will continue to rise and can become a very dangerous climate for children.

According to safekids.org, since 1998, more than 740 children have died from heatstroke while unattended in hot cars.

Gary Karton of safekids.org took to the streets of Washington, D.C., alongside a black SUV and asked pedestrians how hot they thought the car was inside. It was about 85 degrees outside, and as each pedestrian guessed the temperature, they were off by at least 20 degrees.

The temperature inside the black SUV rose to 141 degrees within the time Karton finished talking to as many pedestrians as he could.
Life can be busy and hectic but never too busy to leave you child unattended inside a hot vehicle- not even for 5 minutes.