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See the instructions below the map to learn how easy it is to locate your next new vehicle with




How to Find Your Next Used Car on

You’re probably asking yourself, “I’m looking for a car, why am I looking at a big Google map?” No worries, you are in the right place. is Cincinnati’s best way to find the perfect used car, featuring thousands of used vehicles at Greater Cincinnati dealerships.

Why the Map?

The map promotes the importance of LOCAL SEARCH.

The column on the right presents the used vehicles available from all dealerships on the map.  You can search available vehicles a number of different ways; by make, body type or price.

You can select Make, Year, or Model under the dealership drop down bar on the right side of the page.

You can select Make, Year, or Model under the dealership drop down bar on the right side of the page.

Scroll over the vehicle and dealership information appears on the map.


Click on the vehicle to see more basic information and a photo if available.


Click on “more photos” at the bottom and you will be directed to the dealership’s website where you can view more photos and more details about the vehicle.  On the dealership website, you can also chat with a sales associate, ask for a quote, explore financing options or view other vehicles in that dealership’s inventory. 


Looking to Buy From a Specific Dealer?

To view inventory from a specific dealership you can click on that dealership’s icon on the map 


or choose the dealership from the dropdown menu. 


When you choose an individual dealership, the inventory showing in the right column will repopulate to include only vehicles from that dealership. 


To return to the original map, simply choose “All Dealers” from the dropdown menu. 


But What About the Map?

If you want to see the vehicles available at several dealerships from the same area, hold down your Shift Key and drag your mouse box around the area you want to see.


The map will zoom in on that area and the column on the right will repopulate with the vehicles available at the dealerships on the map. 

10 is the one-stop place for used cars in the Greater Cincinnati area. It makes it easy for you to compare cars, and look at many different dealerships… without leaving your house. You’re already here, so get shopping!

The Best Place to Buy Used Cars is from New Car Dealers!