GCADA Learning Center Webinar: May 24, 2016 - Greater Cincinnati Automobile Dealers Association

GCADA Learning Center Webinar: May 24, 2016

GCADA Learning Center


Interstate Chaos: Coordinating Worker’s Compensation Coverage in Multi-State Exposures

Presented by Dan O’Brien – Fisher & Phillips

GCADA Webinar

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 – 11:00 am

Intended Audience: Dealer Principals, General Managers, Human Resources Managers

Did you know when your employees cross state lines (an easy thing to do in Greater Cincinnati), they may not have worker’s compensation coverage? Some states like Kentucky require any employee in the state to have coverage under their worker’s compensation system, no matter how long or short a period of time the employee might be in the jurisdiction.

This webinar will cover a variety of topics focusing on the challenges an employer faces when it has employees that cross state lines for work:

  • What happens when there is a conflict of laws between two states
  • Which states allow for temporary extensions of coverage and which states don’t
  • Determining the proper venue for adjudicating an employee’s claim:
    • State of hire
    • State of residence
    • State of primary employment
    • State of pay
    • State of injury
    • State in agreement between employer and employee (Unique to Ohio and only Ohio and Indiana recognize the agreement)
  • Understanding when coverage is required in situations where the employer has operations or employees working, living, or traveling in or through other jurisdictions.
  • How coverage is provided for in various jurisdictions under a worker’s compensation policy.
  • Other coverage considerations
    • The implications of the Ohio BWC’s new Other States Coverage Program offering insurance coverage to Ohio Employers

Please Contact Sandy Moeller at GCADA at 513-326-7100 to register