August 2013 - Greater Cincinnati Automobile Dealers Association

August 2013

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Senate Bill Could Ground Rentals for ‘Minor’ Recalls
NADA Director’s Update – Bill Reineke

WASHINGTON (July 31, 2013) – The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee on Tuesday passed S. 921, the Raechel and Jacqueline Houck Safe Rental Car Act of 2013, by voice vote. The bill would regulate businesses with fleets of five or more rental vehicles (including dealerships that provide loaner vehicles) and subject these cars and trucks under any open recall to be grounded within 24-48 hours. The National Automobile Dealers Association and a coalition of dealership associations argued in a letter to the committee that all recalls do not require the grounding of a rental vehicle. Read More

OSHA Withdraws Proposal to Change Consultation Program
Bill Fox – Chairman, Regulatory Affairs Committee

In deference to the objections of small business groups, including NADA, OSHA has withdrawn a proposal to modify rules governing its time-honored On-Site Consultation Program. The proposal could have weakened the “wall” between onsite consultations and OSHA enforcement, thus acting as a disincentive for dealerships to access the program. Read More

EPA Provisionally Excludes Solvent Wipes from Hazardous Waste Rules
NADA Director’s Update

The EPA on July 23 issued a rule conditionally excluding solvent-contaminated wipes from its hazardous waste regulations, provided dealerships manage them properly. The wipes used in dealership service and auto body operations run the gamut from woven laundered cloths to paper disposable wipes, wipers, shop towels and/or  rags. Read More

NADA Dealer Data Guidance Memo
Brad Miller – NADA

Attached please find a memorandum and cover email sent to all NADA members earlier today.  It provides guidance to dealers regarding third party access to “Dealer Data,” including sample service provider contract provisions and more.  It suggests working with counsel to address these issues, so we wanted to pass it along to the listserve.  Read More