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January 2015

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Fighting The Flu − Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands!

Fisher and Phillips LLC-January 2, 2015-Link to original page

You can’t open the newspaper, turn on the television, or visit a website without seeing some alarming statistic about the flu. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu is already “widespread” in 29 states with an additional 14 states reporting regional flu activity. In addition, because this year’s flu vaccine appears to be a poor match for the strains that are showing up, the CDC fears that this flu season may be more deadly than in recent years. This kind of outbreak takes its toll on people and on business. What should you do if the flu invades your workforce? Read More

Your Most Important Employment Documents

Fisher and Phillips LLC-January 2, 2015-Link to original page

Employment litigation can be expensive and time consuming. Success or failure in defending your company can turn on either the law or the facts. You can’t do too much to change the law that applies to any given case. But experience shows that employers can do a lot to shape the facts and to improve their position in employment litigation. Obviously, “shaping the facts” doesn’t mean changing anything that happened; it refers to making sure that the events that occurred can be articulated accurately and forcefully. Most of the time, this shaping of the facts depends on the documentation. And while the particular facts may be different from case to case, the same types of documents are at issue in almost every employment law case. Read More