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Tips To Prepare Your Company For An I-9 Audit
Fisher and Phillips LLP – Link to Original Article

By Jessica Cook The Immigration Customs and Enforcement division (ICE) of the Department of Homeland Security, continues to issue Form I-9 Notices of Inspection to businesses across the nation. In fiscal year 2012, ICE served over 3,000 Notices to businesses, resulting in over $12 million in fines. Additionally, ICE made 520 criminal arrests tied to worksite enforcement investigations. These criminal arrests involved 240 individuals who were owners, managers, supervisors, or human resources employees. Read More

Safety Recalls

Each year, millions of vehicles become subject to safety recalls. A relatively small percentage of these recalls involve “stop operation” or “stop sale” notices. The following illustrates potential steps to take based on the safety recall at issue and the vehicles involved… Read More

E-Cigarettes Light Up Controversy Among Employers
By Michael Abcarian – Fisher & Phillips LLP – Link to original article

First marketed internationally in 2002, battery-powered e-cigarettes are exploding stateside and may soon shake up many employers who need to decide whether or not to allow e-cigarettes in the workplace. Sales in the United States of the more than 200 types of e-cigarettes currently available are estimated at more than $200 million annually. In a study released last year, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention noted that one out of every five adult smokers in the United States has tried e-cigarettes, up from one in 10 in 2012. Read More

Clark Schaeffer Hackett – CPAs & Business Consultants – Link to original article

Last year, Chris’s Chrysler dealership reported its highest pretax earnings in five years. But when it came time to pay taxes, there wasn’t enough cash in the dealership’s checking account. Sound familiar? Many dealer-owners mistakenly equate profits with cash flow. The truth is that there are many reasons these numbers might differ. Read More

Commentary: Employment at New-Car Dealerships Rising
By Forrest McConnell, III / NADA Chairman

Selling cars is not the only thing franchised new-car dealers contribute to the nation’s economy. Next to stocking their showrooms and lots with vehicle inventory, auto dealers create many jobs in their communities. Between the need for quality sales consultants and expert service technicians, America’s new-car dealers employ 1 million people nationwide. Read More