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Child Passenger Safety Poster


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Do you know what milk and car seats have in common?  It’s a little known fact, that they both have expiration dates!  In fact, car seat manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), recommend that families replace their car seats and booster seats six years from the date of manufacture.  Child safety seats expire for a number of reasons, including weakening of materials and parts, loss or breakage of parts, and older seats will often NOT meet current government safety standards.

September is National Child Passenger Safety Month.  Safe Travel For Kids!! is a month-long program that dovetails perfectly with our work with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and their Child Passenger Safety Program.  That is why the GCADA, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Evenflo have partnered to increase child passenger safety awareness during September.

You can support this month-long campaign by posting the 8.5”x11” flyers each dealership received in the mail from GCADA.  If you would like additional flyers simply click on to the link at the top of the page.  If you would like an 18”x24” poster, please contact Sandy Moeller at the GCADA office at or 513-326-7100.

We know parents, grandparents, and those who are caring for children will do the right thing if they have the right information. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the right information when it comes to child safety seats – and as an industry, along with our partners, we have the ability to change that.