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The Safe Travel For Kids!!™ program – originated in 2013, was inspired by the GCADA’s relationship with the Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s (CCHMC) Comprehensive Children’s Injury Center (CCIC).  For over two decades, the GCADA and its members have hosted the Annual Cincinnati Auto Expo Sneak Peek Preview Party REV IT UP!! The proceeds from this annual affair benefit Cincinnati Children’s Child Passenger Safety Program.

During the month of September, which is National Child Passenger Safety Month, the Safe Travel For Kids!!™ campaign acts as a general reminder to parents and caregivers of the importance of properly securing children in the car, no matter their age or stage of development.  While motor vehicles have never been safer, a child’s risk of injury may be reduced by 70 percent and their risk of death by nearly 30 percent if they are properly restrained.

To reach our audience and raise awareness, GCADA, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Evenflo, record a public service announcement that is broadcast on Time Warner Cable.  We also make appearances throughout the community at various venues and events promoting child passenger safety.  A publicity poster is created and distributed to over 500 healthcare and childcare professionals throughout the region.  Additional media coverage is achieved through print media as well.  To further increase exposure, the public has the opportunity to register to win one of the many Evenflo car seats or booster seats we give away at the end of the September campaign. 

As a retailer and repair facility GCADA members play an important role in our child passenger safety campaign.  Their showrooms and service lounges provide a terrific high traffic area in which to display our posters.  These posters include a QR code that takes people to our website where they can find more facts and statistics on child passenger safety, including the locations for the 43 fitting stations in the Greater Cincinnati area, as well as access to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s car seat safety booklet, a guide to safe-road travel. 

Over time, Safe Travel For Kids!!™,has evolved and expanded as the GCADA attends public safety events throughout the year.  In addition the program has been incorporated as part of the Safe Travel Family Zone at the Cincinnati Auto Expo providing families entertainment and education while attending the show.  

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